5 Fun Facts About Toyota Electric Vehicles

Toyota Prius Prime

The 2018 Prius Prime is a true electric vehicle since it does actually plug into the wall. This unassuming car is much more exciting than many people realize. For starters, this car represents Toyota's drive to go to create a fleet of electric vehicles by 2030. Here are five fun facts about the Prime, Toyota's number one electric vehicle.

1. The Prime Plugs In Anywhere

Many plug-in vehicles have special charging units. Some have different types of chargers offered at additional prices. The Prime is different. It can plug in anywhere. Toyota recommends a GFI 15A household outlet. This gets the job done in just 5.5 hours. You can use a 240-volt charger, such as those available at public charging stations.

2. The Prime Goes Further Than Any Other Plug In

The Prime has a 640-mile range. The full electric system takes it as far as it can go before a gas-and-electric blend takes over the ride. Together these systems can take you 640 miles. That beats the Chevy Bolt and many other plug-in cars.

3. The Prime Has Class-leading Economy

The Prius Prime leads its plug-in class with a 25-mile electric-only range. According to EPA calculations, it earns 133 mpg-equivalent. If it uses gasoline, you can tell its a Prius. Fuel economy is 55 mpg in city driving. Kelley Blue Book has named it a Best Buy.

4. The Prime is a Champion at Regulating Your Climate

As you may expect, the Prime has a programmable thermostat, but the Prius family takes you beyond this to a new level. Smart-Flow technology recognizes when there isn't anyone in the front seat, and it directs the air or heat to the driver. Furthermore, every Prime has heated front seats to warm you up. Even when you aren't using the engine, the heating system activates quickly with the electric motor only. You can get a smart keyfob and program the cabin to cool itself before entry.

5. The Prime Has the Most Crash Avoidance Features of Any Plug-In Model

While many plug-in models are touted as the most advanced on the road, only the Prius Prime has Toyota Safety Sense. These features form an electronic barrier, alerting the driver to dangers such as slowing leader traffic, nearby pedestrians, or lane departures. An autobrake reduces the chances that the Prime will hit a person or car. Adaptive Cruise Control regulates the ride, leaving the driver with the steering. A lane assist gently pushes the wheels back inside the lane lines. Prime technology also includes a standard rearview camera and an available blind spot monitor.

The Prius Prime works hard to take its place on U.S. roads. It works even harder to earn a place in your driveway. A test drive is a great way to get to know Toyota's leading EV.

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