Don't Let Hackers into your Car!

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You’re driving down the highway with your favorite music turned up loud. You notice that your air conditioning has turned itself on with you touching anything. Next thing you know, your windshield wipers are on their highest level. Your engine goes dead and your brakes are engaged. You manage to safely maneuver your vehicle to the side of the road, but you are left wondering what exactly happened.

It might sound far fetched, but this exact situation has occurred before. There isn’t necessarily one specific vehicle that this occurs with. Hackers can gain access to a multitude of vehicles, regardless of the make or model. With so much new technology being added on to vehicles, this is making more people susceptible to being hacked. Let’s take a look at some tips that you can utilize to increase the overall safety of your vehicle when it comes to hacking.

Additional Security Equipment

There are a number of safety items that you can purchase to prevent your vehicle from being broken into or stolen. A steering wheel lock won’t prevent your vehicle from being stolen, but it might deter a hacker from messing with your specific vehicle. The same goes for vehicle alarms. Let these hackers move on to the next vehicle that looks like an easier target.

Toyota Display Panel

Avoid Using Your Keyless Fob

It’s a very convenient feature, but keyless entry systems can be scanned by hackers. They can easily unlock the doors of your vehicle and steal whatever is in inside. Use your car key to lock your doors when you are leaving. When you are in the home and your vehicle is in the driveway, hide your fob somewhere far away from your vehicle. This will prevent hackers from being able to scan your fob from outside.

Be Careful with USB Devices

There are data-enabled USB ports that are used to update the software in your vehicle’s computer. These USB devices can be used to introduce viruses to your vehicle. There are many manufacturers that will send out these USB devices as an easy way to update software or fix a small glitch. These devices can be hacked before they even reach your home.

Shop Around

There are many manufacturers that go the extra mile to increase the overall level of security in their vehicles. Toyota is a brand that you can trust to take all of the necessary steps towards preventing hacking from occurring. Apple CarPlay and Android technology often come equipped with some great safety features that prevent hacking. Ask as many questions as you need in order to make an educated decision regarding your next purchase.

Recalls and Updates

Make sure that you stay up to date regarding any recalls and updates that may have recently been issued for your vehicle. Some of these actions might be because of a safety concern. Give us a call if you have any questions. Make sure that you bring your vehicle into our location in order to have repairs or maintenance performed. You can trust the work that we do here. We won't compromise the safe integrity of your vehicle.

Many people think that it simply can’t happen to them. The truth is, any modern vehicle can be hacked. Take the necessary steps to prevent this from occurring to your or a family member. If you have any questions, you can stop down to Toyota of Richardson to find out more. We can safely perform recall updates to your vehicle. The same goes for software updates. Give us a call, or come see us today.

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