Toyota is once again leading the pack in technological innovation, this time with an all-new research unit dedicated to furthering artificial intelligence.

Called Toyota Research Institute, this new scientific arm of the automotive giant will focus on A.I., robotics and how humans move both indoors and out. The center will open in January 2016, kicking off a fully organized effort to begin finding new ways to help make driving and other human/vehicle interactions safer.

According to the New York Times, Gill Pratt, who will be leading the new department, said, “We want to create cars that are both safer and incredibly fun to drive.”

The hope is for these technologies to act more as “guardian angels” for human drivers than simply taking humans out of the equation. On top of this, Toyota is also looking to integrate more A.I. into its factories, helping create an even safer work environment, as well as longer lasting cars.

Another big initiative is to look into transportation and mobility of the elderly. This is a significant and forward-thinking enterprise that recognizes our ever-expanding lifespans and the eventual influx of a larger, more dependent elderly population.

It will be very interesting to see what comes of this new venture by Toyota. We are very excited about all the terrific possibilities that could come from this new arm of the automaker and what it will mean for the future of Toyota cars around the world.

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