Did You See the Prius Heck on Wheels Big Game Ad?

If you didn’t see it on game day and haven’t come across it since, check out the Toyota Prius “Heck on Wheels” video featured below.

The story in the ad goes a little something like this: An average, straight-laced guy is about to hit the road for work, making a sandwich for lunch and greeting his kitten before heading out the door. By all accounts he's a pretty mundane guy – until he gets ready to roll out of his garage in an all-new 2016 Prius.

It’s all “hybrid mayhem” once he taps the power button; that's when the spot's rock anthem kicks in and it's pretty darn catchy, too. If you're wondering who created it, that would be Butter Music + Sound. In addition to a catchy rock anthem, the video's added dose of humor made it one of the most talked about Big Game ads this year.

Think Prius is just a green car that’ll save you money on gas? Yeah, it’s that but a whole lot more, which this video set out to prove. Following a complete redesign, the top-selling hybrid shows off sportier looks, new safety tech and improved performance – aspects that the spot below showcases in true rock star style.

Saatchi & Saatchi, a well-known advertising agency, are responsible for all the hybrid mayhem that ensues in the following clip. Check it out now.

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