Video: How to Find Charging Stations With the Prius Prime App


The Toyota Prius Prime offers some of the best fuel efficient cars in the hybrid car market. To help keep your Prius Prime fully charged, here are some steps you can take to find the nearest charging station using your Prius Prime App.

Finding Charge Stations With the Prius Prime App

You can access the information from the Prius prime App from your phone or from the vehicle's infotainment screen display. You can access the charging station map app by pressing the charging station button and entering your Passcode. After your passcode has been entered, you will be able to see nearby charging stations on a map. Also on the map will be your car's location to show the precise proximity to the nearest charging station. In the lower right of the map will be your current EV range on your Prius Prime.

How Do Charging Stations Appear on the Map?

On the map, the chargers will have a "1," "2," or "M" designation. The "1" defines charging stations with 120-volt chargers. The "2" indicates charging stations with 240-volt chargers. Finally, the "M" designation is for charging stations with both 120-volt and 240-volt chargers. In addition to using a map, you can also see a list of the charging stations that have the nearest charging stations at the top of the screen. Select a station to see the station's name. You can press the information icon on the station to get more details such as the address, phone number and hours of operation.

To access the charging station information on your vehicle's display screen, swipe up to access the app suite. Then select the charging station app. Please note that in order to access the charging station info, your display must be linked to a Bluetooth enabled device with a data plan. On the display, you will see a list of nearby charging stations as well as a map displaying the locations of the charging stations. Press the charging station icon on the map to receive more information such as the address, phone number and hours of operation. Press "enter" to select it as a destination. The press "Go" for route guidance. Finally, press "OK."

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