tips for driving on ice - icy and snowy road

When you hear warnings about icy weather conditions in north Texas, follow these tips to avoid skidding and getting into a potential accident. Also, learn how to regain control if your vehicle does begin to slide.

  1. First and foremost, if possible, avoid driving period.

  2. Don’t drive on bridges, ramps or in shaded areas, which tend to freeze quickly and defrost slower than other areas.

  3. Stay 5-9 seconds behind snow plows as well as other cars (or three times your normal following distance). Do not tailgate. We repeat – do not tailgate.

  4. Drive slower to help build more friction between your car and the road.

  5. Avoid driving up or down hill. If you absolutely must drive down a hill, use a lower gear to try and increase traction.

  6. Make sure your tires are properly inflated; uninflated tires will have a harder time gripping the road. In addition, check your tire tread to ensure that it’s at a safe level.

  7. Don’t slam your brakes. Be gentle when braking in icy weather. Also, pump your brakes when coming to stops.

  8. Do not use cruise control.

  9. Even if you drive a truck, don’t take risks. It’s still best to drive slower and follow all of the same rules as drivers with smaller cars.

  10. If your car starts to slide, ease your foot off any pedal you’re hitting (gas or brake pedal) and steer into the slide. When you regain control, gently accelerate and straighten out, or gently hit the brakes if you need to stop.

What exactly does steer into the slide mean?
Steering into the slide means to turn your front wheels in the same direction that the rear of your car is moving. So, if your car is sliding to the left, turn your steering wheel to the left. This might not sound or feel intuitive, but it is the safest way to regain control.

If you do find yourself in a hazardous situation and need your car repaired as a result, our service center or body shop in Richardson, TX can assist you, but we hope everyone stays safe out there on the road!

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