High Adventure Treks  

High Adventure Treks, or "HATS," is an organization that strives to strengthen relationships between fathers and their sons or daughters through outdoor adventures and experiences. Children and their fathers learn hiking, survival, and general outdoors skills through the program, strengthening their bond and creating a more robust long-term relationship. HATS programs are challenging by nature, which also builds self-confidence and self-determination in youth.

High Adventure Treks

About HATS

High Adventure Treks was established in 1996. The organization was created by founder Kipp Murray, who was inspired to form an organization that focused on improving parent-child relationships through wilderness adventures following his own experiences. In the 1990s, Murray embarked on a challenging but rewarding 11-day hike in New Mexico with his son. At the end of the excursion, he realized the transformative impact of the adventure in their relationship, which prompted him to repeat his daughter's experience. Initially, HATS was started as a father and daughter relationship-building program, but it later expanded in 2008 to include fathers and sons.

Initially, Murray gained support and enthusiasm for his concept of a father-daughter adventure program within his community. Members were recruited for outdoor father-daughter adventures through local schools, churches, and other neighborhood groups. The local initiative proved to be a success. It led many of the participants to spread the word about Murray's mission and a new program designed to bring fathers and daughters closer together. Within just a few years, Murray's program expanded to the greater Dallas area and attracted more than 300 father-daughter teams.

HATS Campout Programs

HATS programs are designed for children as young as ten and their fathers. Parents and their children can sign up for an outdoor excursion following an orientation weekend. They convene with other participants for a weekend camping trip that includes learning tips and tricks of camping and participating in outdoor games and activities. In addition to weekend camping adventures, the program also has other excursions for older children, including a 10-mile canoeing adventure for children in 6th grade and above and their fathers. Rock climbing adventures are also available, along with kayaking and rappelling. Longer backpacking journeys are another program that fathers can sign up for with either their sons or daughters. HATS programs are scheduled throughout the year, with some special events based on the seasons. Many programs are held in the Dallas area, but others are offered in other locations, such as the Bushwhacking Campout in Colorado.