Toyota's GR Cup Set to Debut in 2023  

Recently, Toyota GR in North America (TGRNA) announced its intentions to form a GR Cup, an all-new single racing series in the Toyota company. The plan is set to be launched in 2023 and sanctioned by SRO, a leading American GT racer for over 30 years. The cup will offer 14 affordable events across American states. The upcoming series will substantiate every breed involved in Toyota's machination.

Participants will also receive cash prizes of up to 1 million dollars, thanks to partners that have teamed up with Toyota in the upcoming series. The race also comes with networking for like-minded racing enthusiasts. There will be a celebration of car culture and motorsports, among others, by racing enthusiasts.

Single-make racing is where racers compete using identical cars from the same manufacturing company. GR86 racing car has been adopted to participate in the GR Cup. The vehicle will also be turned into a GR Cup racing vehicle in TRD's new Mooresville, North Carolina facility. The vehicle will have a Bosch engine fitting, a premium Borla exhaust, SADEV 6-speed transmission, OMP safety equipment, etc. The company is yet to announce the prices of the new racing car.

The racing event intends to help make better vehicles by the brand's engineers and later give birth to a new TGRNA series. TGRNA is set to welcome the founding partners, such as Racing Spirit, Mobil 1, Continental, and many more. Please visit Toyota's website for more information about the event.

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