Toyota GR Supra Now Available with Manual Transmission  

The Toyota Supra has always been a known car with drivers who love the look and performance of a sports car. It’s no surprise they will be happy to learn that Toyota has introduced the Toyota GR Supra, which is now Available with Manual Transmission. The GR Supra's manual transmission will only be available as on the Supra 3.0, 3.0 Premium, and a limited A91-MT Edition. This is one of many new features in this latest model of the iconic sports car.

The 2023 GR Supra has been redesigned from top to bottom to be more powerful, dynamic, and balanced than ever. The GR Supra’s turbocharged four-cylinder engine is available exclusively with an eight-speed automatic transmission. However, you can now pair the car’s more potent turbocharged straight-six engine with a traditional manual gearbox. This six-speed Intelligent Manual Transmission is specifically designed to handle the engine’s high torque output.

The Supra’s new performance is enabled by enhanced styling that includes new front and rear fascias, grille, headlights and hood, and front and rear fender flares. All these changes were made to make sure that the latest Supra has the sleek and sporty exterior look that drivers expect from a high-performance sports car.

Drivers will appreciate the safety improvements as well. The new 2023 GR Supra has a full range of standard and safety features. More specific details about the GR Supra can be viewed inside Toyota's website.

The Toyota GR Supra offers drivers a unique and dynamic combination of performance, comfort, and convenience. For more information, visit our Toyota dealership in Texas.

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