Toyota Electric Vehicle Models  

Toyota has a number of electric cars of varying types in its lineup. Models include everything from hybrids to fully electric cars. Here are some examples of models.

Electric Vehicles from Toyota

The Toyota Mirai from 2022 uses Hydrogen fuel cells for electric production. You need special fuel stations for filling up the hydrogen vehicles. The Mirai Toyota Teammate is a suite of driver-assisted tech that helps you to stay safe on the road. It has options like the Advanced Drive assist as well as the Advanced Park. The driver part can handle accelerating, steering, and braking on highways that are set up for it. This allows for hands-free driving. The on-board system will let you know when you can go hands-free, as it will also allow this when you keep your eyes on the road in certain conditions.

The Advanced Parking System allows you to just hit a button and then have the vehicle park in the chosen space for you so that you don't have to worry about it.

The Camry Hybrid for 2022 is another vehicle that makes use of electric power in part. There are a lot of paint jobs on offer for this one, including some that are two-tone like the Supersonic red that has the two-tone midnight metallic roof. This vehicle uses an enhanced hybrid battery that has a 10-year warranty from Toyota. The EPA has given the Camry XSE Hybrid an MPG rating of around 47 miles per gallon for highway driving. You get a few different modes for driving as well, such as the Eco version, the normal one, and a version for Sport, This way you can drive exactly the way you want. The Camry also got the 2022 IIHS Top Safety Pick for the year 2022. It has features like the sport-tuned suspension for competitive performance, as well as the Hybrid Synergy Drive that uses lightweight materials to make everything as efficient as possible.

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