What's New For the 2020 Toyota Yaris?

The 2020 Toyota Yaris carries over mostly unchanged from the 2019 model year. The latest Yaris primarily gets updates in the cabin, mostly in the form of technology. Now, all drivers and their passengers can enjoy the addition of Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, which now comes standard on the Toyota's infotainment system at all trim levels. Each of the five Yaris trims gets some distinct exterior elements to distinguish it from its siblings as well, and you have a variety of standard and add-on amenities available with each successive Yaris trim. The same engine powers the Yaris as the previous model year, and it is still a shining star in the area of fuel economy. The Yaris also stands out for its sporty appearance and precise handling system. The 2020 Yaris is available in two body styles as before, which includes a sedan and a hatchback. In keeping with Toyota's tradition, the Yaris also features top-notch safety that consists of a combination of innovative passive technologies and active driver-assist safety aids.

2020 Toyota Yaris Interior

2020 Toyota Yaris Trims & Features

The latest Yaris is offered in two body styles and five trim levels. A slightly refreshed exterior is a highlight of this year's Yaris, which has some distinguishing characteristics across the lineup along with some commonalities. The latest Yaris family starts with the L at the base level. A bold front grille, wide stance, bold exterior lines, and choice of seven paint colors kick off the vehicle's exterior highlights. The Yaris also has LED integrated turn signals and a shark fin antenna. The interior is well-equipped for comfort and convenience with a seven-inch infotainment display screen that now comes with Bluetooth, Android Auto, and Apple CarPlay. The infotainment system also supports smartphone pairing. 

The LE upgrades to slightly larger 16-inch alloy wheels with more LED lighting elements on the front end. Fog lights are built into the LE's front end as well. In the back, a sporty rear spoiler makes it stand out from the pack. Remote start is a handy feature, and the LE also has a keyless ignition. 

The XLE gets automatic headlights, automatic climate control, simulated leather seating material, and a leather-encased steering wheel. You also have the option of switching to a manual transmission. The LE and XLE are offered in sedan and hatchback body styles.

2020 Toyota Yaris Horsepower

2020 Toyota YarisThe 2020 Toyota Yaris has one engine for the entire family, which is a 1.5L gasoline engine with four cylinders. The engine generates approximately 105 HP and slightly less torque at 103 LB-FT. Front-wheel drive and six-speed transmission are standard on this year's Yaris. However, the base trims come with a six-speed manual transmission and the option to switch to a six-speed automatic, while the XLE is produced with a six-speed automatic and the option of choosing a manual.

2020 Toyota Yaris Safety

2020 Toyota YarisThe 2020 Toyota Yaris comes loaded with safety features at all trim levels. The base trim gets the brand's advanced airbag system and a handful of driver-assist technologies, including forward collision warning and automatic emergency braking at low speeds. Traction control and an anti-lock braking system are standard as well.

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